Letter to Editor

July 1, 2010
Integrating trailer regulations benefits all

Dear Editor:

I always find interesting stuff in your magazine — the NATM convention report included.

Trailer manufacturers and distributors at times seem to be such isolationists. You have a national association that should serve as the communication link to all involved. There is an engineering committee that should work together to integrate regulations to benefit all. Why the disconnect? All of you will benefit by integration, whether that is for fiscal policies, aerodynamics, or regulation reform. If it serves one, it serves all. Trailers are trailers. They haul stuff. And each one can have their individual identities and signatures, but all should conform to national — if not international — standards. So let the governing boards and engineering committees work inclusively for all.

Survey and gather the best practices. Listen to customers and share information. Let the engineering groups work together for the common good instead of against each other. Come up with industrywide improvements before the government regulates them. There is much to be gained by integration and collaboration. No one should be an island to themselves when we have global competition and we all need to reduce costs.

Keep up the good job of safely providing for the well-being of all.
Henry Sommerstorfer
Clinton Township, Michigan