Wastequip Indiana receives EMS award

March 1, 2008
Wastequip Indiana was recently recognized with the Environmental Stewardship Award from Energy Management Systems Inc. (EMS)

Wastequip Indiana, the primary manufacturing location of Galbreath brand products, was recently recognized by Gov. Mitch Daniels' office for its commitment to environmental conservation and for receiving the Environmental Stewardship Award from Energy Management Systems Inc. (EMS).

Winamac IN-based Wastequip executives were concerned about the rising costs of energy and engaged in a full energy audit followed by proactive measures to conserve energy and save money. The company upgraded older, inefficient lighting to new energy efficient lighting and installed HVAC controls to conserve heating and cooling throughout the building. As a result of Wastequip's efforts, the company has saved more than $250,000 in energy costs in addition to reducing air pollution by more than 600 tons — or the equivalent of conserving 1,403 gallons of gas. The lighting upgrade alone saved the company 61 percent on energy each year.

After completing a lighting and energy audit of the entire facility and adopting appropriate energy efficient practices and techniques in lighting and HVAC, Wastequip immediately began realizing benefits in the initial phase of its energy upgrades back in 2003 when they installed HVAC controls to monitor and control the use of heating and cooling. The project continued to evolve and in late 2007 Wastequip invested in energy efficient lighting and motion sensor controls to turn lights off when not in use.