Crysteel develops new hoist line

Jan. 1, 2010
Crysteel, a TBEI brand, has developed a new line of scissors hoists and a new way to power them

Crysteel, a TBEI brand, has developed a new line of scissors hoists and a new way to power them.

The company's new Super Scissor truck hoists have been engineered by Eldon Jones, founder of Crysteel Manufacturing. They are designed for heavy-duty applications, specifically for use on dump bodies ranging from nine to 20 feet long. They are capable of lifting up to 20 cubic yards of sand or gravel. Equipped with either single or twin cylinders, they operate on hydraulic system pressures of 2,000-3,250 psi.

The company will introduce the line, consisting of 24 models, at the upcoming Work Truck Show in St Louis MO in March.

Jones, who started Crysteel Manufacturing in 1969, has been working on the Super Scissor concept since 2002.

At first glance, it looks like a conventional scissors hoist, but the geometry is substantially different. Conventional hoists have the pivot point mounted as low as possible. By changing the location of the pivot point, the Super Scissor hoist can produce 22% more lifting power and reduce the length of the cylinder stroke by 18%.

The fully boxed tubular design of the lift arms adds stability and strength. The lift arms of the Super Scissor hoists are almost four inches wide. Each model is designed to fit dump bodies of two or more different lengths, resulting in the need to stock fewer units.

The hoist line will be powered by Crysteel's new HydraSmart hydraulic system. The system has a three-gallon reservoir, rather than the 25-gallon tank that typically is used on dump body applications. The size of the tank can be reduced because the head end of the hoist cylinders serves as the main reservoir. The system pumps less oil, and the Super Scissor goes up faster.

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