Bendix Spotlighted In Brand Protection Manual

Feb. 17, 2009
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC is continuing its fight against counterfeiting through its inclusion in the

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC is continuing its fight against counterfeiting through its inclusion in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Manual -- the only company from the automotive industry to be included.

The manual, developed by the U.S. Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center, provides business owners with strategies to fight counterfeiting and piracy. The manual identifies assets, as well as outlines procedures to help business owners from falling victim to counterfeiting and piracy.

“Bendix believes it’s imperative to fight counterfeiting efforts to prevent inferior products from coming to market,” said Joe McAleese, Bendix president and CEO. “Counterfeit products threaten the safety of the commercial vehicle driver as well as all others on our nation’s highways, and they also lead to a loss of revenue for business owners.”

The brand protection manual is divided into two sections: the first provides basic background information on intellectual property and laws and regulations that protect and enforce intellectual property assets; the second section, in which Bendix is included, provides case studies that can be used as part of the overall anti-counterfeiting business strategy.

The Bendix case study talks about the numerous efforts the company has undertaken to protect its intellectual property and the safety of its customers. Those efforts include instituting patent- and trademark-infringement actions against companies selling or distributing knockoff or counterfeit parts; circulating trademark usage guidelines to distributors and dealers; delivering ongoing training to sales and customer service personnel; implementing customer and industry awareness campaigns; meeting with senior management across its distribution channel; working closely with industry and trade associations as well as groups concerned with legal and governance issues; and maintaining an active trade show presence to educate attendees about genuine Bendix products.

Bendix developed its “Genuine Bendix” program to address the impact of counterfeit and knockoff parts on the commercial vehicle industry. The program’s three-pronged approach includes extensive education and outreach, intellectual property protection, and enforcement of patents and trademarks. The genuine Bendix program is part of the company’s broader effort to actively promote improved highway safety. The Bendix safety platform includes development of advanced safety technologies; leadership in the battle against counterfeit and knockoff parts; active engagement of the insurance industry; ongoing support of driver education, technician training, and problem identification; and continued support and exploration of incentives and regulation.

“Anti-counterfeiting efforts are a high priority for Bendix,” said Andy Cifranic, Bendix brand manager. “Counterfeit products both devalue the brand and compromise safety.”

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