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June 1, 2008
Each of the participating associate members at the convention had four minutes to explain a product and its benefits. Here are the 12 who offered an update:

Each of the participating associate members at the convention had four minutes to explain a product and its benefits.

Here are the 12 who offered an update:

Accuride releases small-diameter forged wheels

At the request of several customers, Accuride is expanding its product line to include new small-diameter, forged aluminum wheels primarily for the trailer markets, according to Anthony Pape, VP of OEM sales.

These wheels offer forged construction for greater strength and lightweight aluminum for weight savings. They are available in both hub-mount and stud-mount configurations and in four popular sizes. Multiple polishing options are available.

They are available starting in the summer and will ship from Accuride's Taylor, Michigan, warehouse.

Upgrades for Steel of West Virginia

Steel of West Virginia is investing approximately $24 million in capital-improvement projects, Timothy Duke said.

This investment includes approximately $5.7 million in the melting facility for a new transformer to ensure operating reliability. Rolling-mill upgrades of approximately $17.5 million include two new straighteners and a stacking system.

He said this new equipment will improve product quality and efficiency, and expand product offerings. There also will be an investment in the fabrication department, adding new band-sawing equipment to ensure the capability of cutting to precision lengths.

SuperNova LED lamps from Grote

Grote's new SuperNova LED single diode back-up lamps provide the best light output, rivaling multi-diode versions, said Eric Thorstensen.

Dovetailing on Grote's LED WhiteLight technology, utilizing surface mount automation, and leveraging new diode advancements in light output and Grote's advanced optic design capabilities, they are a reliable and very cost-effective back-up lamp solutions.

The lamps, featuring standard Grote Male Pin and hard-shell terminations, are fully encapsulated in patented specially formulated potting that provides thermal protection as well as corrosion, shock, and moisture resistance.

Grote's new lamps meet all FMVSS 108 and SAE requirements for visibility and safety.

Ridge releases DymondPly lining system

Ridge Corporation is an innovative company using the most advanced technologies to produce lining systems for the trailer and truck body industry, said Nick Grandominico, operations manager.

Using high-performance thermoplastic composites coupled with thermoforming capabilities and patent-pending, sonic-welding process, Ridge delivers a wide variety of lining solutions.

Ridge Corporation combines the durability of plastic resin with high-strength glass to yield one of the most advanced engineering materials in the transportation industry: DymondPly, a dry-freight lining system of composite material known to stand up under the intense demands of the trucking industry.

The fiber orientation and thermoplastic resins used in Ridge's composite products combine to create an extremely durable material that is impact- and abrasion-resistant. Dymond Liners' multidirectional fiber design gives the panels the strength and stiffness they require in order to fight against abuse with the least amount of weight. The high-strength fibers are imbedded in a durable thermoplastic resin, which give the liners their stability and design flexibility.

Meritor WABCO unveils trailer stability system

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems has introduced its new Roll Stability Support trailer system, RSSplus, designed specifically for the North American trailer industry to offer more advanced features and added value, Robert Sibley said.

RSSplus is now available through trailer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and as an aftermarket retrofit through trailer OEM dealers.

The new system builds upon the company's current RSS offering, which incorporates its ABS functionality with other pertinent safety features such as improved roll mitigation. The system retains Meritor WABCO's side-by-side wheel-end control, which provides superior stability management and helps prevent tire flat spotting and abnormal tire wear. Additionally, the system offers simplified installation and advanced “intelligent” communication capabilities through on-board data recording with event broadcasting capability via Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications or telematic devices.

RSSplus is a premium 2-modulator (2M) roll mitigation system that integrates several features, including ABS and PLC functionality, reducing individual component requirements. The new system is also compatible for use with spring suspensions, as well as air-ride suspensions.

A new cable connector system allows for more positive connections and cable stabilization to prevent damage and mitigate potential problems with connector corrosion.

By adding Power Line Carrier (PLC) capability to the RSSplus electronic control unit (ECU), the system can communicate between the tractor and trailer utilizing a PLC display. Additional messaging can also be accommodated via telematic devices. Examples of events that can be communicated include suspension weight, tire pressure, wheel-end temperatures, or other customer-specific data. On-board data recording within the ECU allows for the retention of vehicle performance data in the ECU memory to enhance fleet management.

Configurations of the new system include: 2S/2M1, 4S/2M and 4S/2M + 1 (for most 4S/3M requirements). Applications include vans, reefer units, flat beds, tankers, hazardous material haulers, B-trains, and high center-of-gravity trailers.

Electronic monitoring system from MGM Brakes

MGM Brakes has released its E-Stroke electronic brake-monitoring system and E-Link interface device for a stand-alone trailer E-Stroke system, said Ted Vick, national sales manager for government, military, and trailer markets.

The E-Stroke CCM monitors, in real time, the operation of the trailer brakes and retains fault codes through J 1708 and J 1939 communication, which can be downloaded to see the actual fault and the frequency in which it occurred.

The MGM E-Stroke system can enhance the operation of vehicle-stability systems by alerting the operator early of a brake that's not operating properly and potentially causing brake-system imbalance.

The sensor monitors, in real time, the operation of the spring brake actuator.

MGM Brakes has provided over 6000 E-Stroke systems to the heavy commercial vehicle industry.

30,000-lb capacity suspensionfrom Reyco Granning

Reyco Granning Suspensions has introduced the 30AR/RS1082, which was designed to handle the rugged conditions in Canada with a 30,000-lb-per-axle capacity, said Lynn Engel.

He said the 30AR is the most heavy-duty slider suspension made today.

Built in Canada, it uses industry standard components, has a full-coverage warranty, is weight and price competitive, and is pre-assembled.

An underslung and top mount are available, along with single-, tandem-, and multiple-axle configurations.

SAF Holland's new air disc brake

SAF Holland is bringing its integral disc brake technology to the North American marketplace with the release of the SAF Integral Disc.

“It controls the effects of high temperatures in ways that conventional disc brakes can't,” Darrell Thompson said. “Under heated conditions, conventional rotors experience uncontrolled deformation — the umbrella effect. But integral design expands and contracts only in a radial direction. There is no umbrella effect, and the brakes wear more evenly. It reduces heat transfer, achieved through a spoke hub adapter that provides ventilation that reduces the surface area between the hub adapter and bearing.”

He said it reduces the risk of continuous cracks in the brake disc. It is fully guaranteed for six years.

Hendrickson adds constant-pressure system

The average fleet loses at least $750 a year per rig due to under-inflated tires, and proper tire inflation can yield savings in the three greatest expense areas for fleets and owner operators: labor, fuel, and tires.

Hendrickson's new TIREMAAX CP — or constant pressure — provides a basic, reliable mechanical system with no pressure switches, electronics, or transducers, said Baine Adams.

Available on Hendrickson INTRAAX, VANTRAAX, and QUAANTUM suspension systems and non-integrated axles, CP provides a new alternative to Hendrickson's TIREMAAX EC (or electronic control).

CP works much in the same manner and delivers all of the benefits of the electronically controlled TIREMAAX, except for full-system monitoring and programming. CP monitors pressure in all tires and directs air to any tires that dip below the preset level — without pressurizing the axle or wheel ends.

The preset target inflation pressure setting, ranging from 70 to 120 psi, can easily be reset in the field, with no special tools required. A signal light alerts drivers or technicians when attention is required.

It includes a bolt-in, ball-bearing rotary union, heavy-duty tee fittings with in-line check valves, steel tee-fitting guards, and braided stainless steel hoses.

A patented axle filter, unique vent system, and ventless hubcap help extend wheel-end life by protecting from damaging contamination.

OMCO introduces heavy-duty scuff

OMCO, a steel-roll-forming company that has provided parts to the trailer industry since 1955, has collaborated with its partner trailer OEMs to produce the OMCO XD Scuff, designed and engineered for fleets requiring extreme-duty protection for sidewalls and flooring, according to Ray McDonald.

It protects against damage ordinary scuff cannot — extreme damage commonly caused by tow motors and steel shipping racks.

OMCO XD Scuff offers an alternative to the practice of installing hot-rolled steel plates, often 10' in length, welded together, and primed or painted. OMCO XD is a one-piece galvanized scuff. Because it's seamless, there are no weld lines to rust or break apart in the field.

OMCO XD Scuff's features include: counter sunk holes that eliminate snag points; a top edge that is offset to protect fasteners while also eliminating snag points; a 5" floor angle to protect against floor damage; and a floor lip turn down that increases the life of the scuff while providing a snag free surface.

New spring brake valve from Bendix

Bendix has released the SRC-7000 spring brake valve, which will serve as a durable, reliable, and economical option to the Bendix SR-5 spring brake relay valve, said Paul Waszkowski.

The SRC-7000 valve is constructed from engineering-grade plastic composite material that virtually eliminates corrosion and subsequently extends the valve's service life, even under the harshest conditions. It features a swivel-mounting tank fitting that prevents over-torquing and possible damage to the valve during installation.

Oversized internal ports and seals are also an integral part of the SRC-7000 design, enabling the unit to perform through more contaminants than any other valve in the market, he said.

Walther's Dura-Light hubs reduce trailer weight

Walther Engineering and Manufacturing has released Dura-Light Hubs, which Chris Walther said are known throughout the industry for their rugged construction and long life.

They are the standard or preferred lightweight hub solution at most trailer and trailer axle manufacturers, he said, and pound-for-pound are more economical than aluminum hubs, aluminum wheels, or lightweight brake drums as a means of reducing the weight of a trailer.

Walther offers a broad line of Dura-Light Hubs for trailer applications. Each Dura-Light Hub comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

He said they are the lightest and strongest hub in the industry and are e-coated prior to machining for a coating life 20 times that of most water-based paints. It is virtually impossible to strip hubcap bolt-hole threads, and they have the largest oil cavity in the industry. He said they avoid setting up the highly corrosive galvanic reaction commonly seen between brake drums and aluminum hubs, and have damage-resistant brake drum pilots.

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