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Aug. 1, 2008
Super 50 Junction Box tackles corrosion Trailers operate in chemically harsh environments intensified by the increased aggressiveness of snow-fighting

Super 50 Junction Box tackles corrosion

Trailers operate in chemically harsh environments intensified by the increased aggressiveness of snow-fighting compounds. They are also made with increased electrical complexity, with more interior lighting, power liftgates, warning systems, and added sensors. These conditions require greater capacity and more protection for electrical systems.

To satisfy these needs, Truck-Lite developed the Super 50 Junction Box for trailers. To fight corrosion, the Super 50 Junction Box is made from chemically and electrically inert, impact-resistant ABS plastic. A clear lid allows easy inspection of wiring inside the box. The assembly is sealed from corrosive agents with a silicone gasket. The box, which has 16 terminal studs with four common grounds, is fed by up to 12 cables entering through any of 12 pre-tapped ports that accept either filler plugs or compression fittings.

Four mounting holes on the base (but outside the sealed interior) are eyelet-reinforced for increased durability and to maintain the integrity of the box.

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Delco Remy alternator updates 310 unit

Delco Remy has introduced the 24SI HP alternator, an updated replacement for the 310 unit with a multitude of new advanced engineering features.

The 24SI HP offers a Dual Internal Fan (DIF) design that provides maximum cooling technology. Dual fans mean greater air circulation over the alternator electronics. That allows the alternator to run at lower temperatures, which improves operating efficiency and durability of the unit.

This alternator has been designed to cope with increasing electrical loads on trucks and school buses. It produces 160 amps of output at road speeds and 100 amps at low engine idle speeds. The improved design efficiency also translates into fuel savings.

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Mobile Crimp Tool Kit joins Waytek line

Waytek Inc. introduces the new Mobile Crimp Tool Kit, which includes a crimp tool frame, seven snap-in die sets, and a durable carrying case. The patented crimp tool frame allows for easy exchange of snap-in dies and will save the expense of buying multiple tools. The snap-in dies work on a variety of applications including insulated, non-insulated, heat-shrink, and Weather Pack terminals and splices. All dies come standard with an interlocking holder and are pinned together so that pieces do not get lost.

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East's lighting system is completely sealed

East Manufacturing, the first aluminum trailer builder to offer LED lighting as standard, now says it is the first to offer an LED lighting system that is completely sealed against the elements. The virtually maintenance-free system uses sealed “plug-in” connections designed to prevent moisture infiltration and subsequent corrosion from compromising the functionality of the trailer's lighting system. This moisture-barrier lighting system is now standard equipment on all East aluminum flatbed, dump, and transfer trailers.

“The new moisture-barrier system is a return ground system, versus the traditional chassis-ground system, eliminating the opportunity for poor connections between body, chassis and tractor fifthwheel. There is no splicing needed, no wire nuts, and no junction boxes with the standard lighting system,” said Bob Appleman, director of supply chain management. “The system uses wire harnesses with corrosion-resistant Truck-Lite Fit ‘N Forget plug-in connections. Each connection is packed with non-conducting dielectric grease to seal out moisture.

“Should the trailer incur accidental damage, the East moisture-barrier lighting system can also offer tremendous labor savings,” said Appleman. “Damaged wiring can easily be replaced with new wiring harnesses — just unplug the old and plug in the new harnesses.”

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Peterson Model M907: A super-bright worklight

Rugged LED reliability with ultra-white brilliance. That's how Peterson Manufacturing describes its new, super-bright LED worklight.

Listed as the Model 907, the new 4" round light is the latest addition to the firm's Great White LED line. Ten super-high-output white diodes paired with a custom fresnel lens produce its ultra-white brilliance in an even, round pattern with significant side light.

The M907 is a replacement for standard PAR 36-type lights, offering several advantages in addition to the visibility it provides for worklight applications.

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Grote Industries offers modular power delivery, lighting system

Grote Industries has developed a totally modular power delivery and lighting system, complete from nose box to taillight. The Ultra-Blue-Seal (UBS) harness system paired with Grote's new Ultra-Nose-Box receptacle and its portfolio of lighting products, provides a superior electrical and lighting platform for trailers.

The Ultra-Nose-Box solves the current problem of cracked, corroded, and crammed truck trailer junction boxes. It has double the standard number of pin connections, a push-on plug function, a glass-filled nylon housing, insert-molded pins that seal out moisture and corrosive materials, and easily replaceable parts. It offers molded, threaded brass inserts that ensure the nose box is locked down and a special mounting gasket that protects against moisture.

UBS system connectors protect against weather, dirt, and corrosion. Grote's patented double-seal technology features dual sealing rings that give twice the sealing power. Male pin lamp plugs, such as those featured on Grote's SuperNova line of LED lamps, are reinforced with banded terminals, and a grease slot that keeps out moisture. The UBS design allows for many types of connections without having to change the entire harness system. The system is easy to expand, as all the plugs use the same UBS sealing technology.

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Pro-Check simplifies trailer circuit testing

Eliminate trailer electrical circuit diagnostics with the Lite-Check 720 Pro-Check.

The Pro-Check automatically displays the circuit with voltage, amperage, and circuit conditions (good, open, short, open ground, or chassis ground). The fault alarm shuts off whenever the fault is corrected. A full function remote control is optional.

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LVD Switch can eliminate dead batteries

Cole Hersee Company introduces its new Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch, which eliminates dead batteries by automatically disconnecting non-critical loads from a battery when the battery falls below a predefined threshold. When the battery voltage is restored, the switch automatically restores the functionality of the ancillary equipment.

Ideal for trucking applications, the LVD Switch prevents loads from disconnecting during starting. The switch provides over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature protections to ensure a safe and reliable operation. It is resistant to vibration and mechanical shock, and it withstands contamination from moisture, dust, or salt spray.

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