Auto Safety House Promotes Berg To Holbrook Branch Manager

June 30, 2011
Auto Safety House LLC has promoted Kevin Berg to the position of Branch Manager of ASH Holbrook.

Auto Safety House LLC has promoted Kevin Berg to the position of Branch Manager of ASH Holbrook.

Berg joined the Auto Safety House team in 1998 and has held a variety of capacities in all areas of the ASH business. He has held positions from service technician to service manager, served in a front-line sales role, was the designated company technical trainer (training customers and ASH technicians), and has been serving in an interim branch manager capacity for a number of years.

"Kevin has worked for ASH for many years and has had the opportunity to work at every ASH branch location in a variety of capacities and has assumed a lead role in many of our company's special projects," said Lisa Causse, Senior Vice President of Operations and Commercial Sales for Auto Safety House. "His dedication to the entire ASH team and the best interests of the company is evident in everything he does. There is no question that he will do whatever he can for the ASH team in Holbrook and all the customers that the location serves.

“Over the past several months Kevin has been in charge of all the logistics needed to move the branch operation from the Navajo Blvd. location to the new location on Highway 77, which has meant working days, nights and weekends with the entire team to get all the construction and other plans completed. He is focused on gaining more business with a focused branch team and strong personal commitment to the community of Holbrook and surrounding areas."

"Our first goal at ASH is to provide our customers with service excellence,” Berg said. “We want customers to come into our store because they want to not because they have to. Testimonials from a wide variety of customers continually remind us how important delivering reliable service, on time, is. Our mission is simple. We are committed to delivering quality over quantity every day. I was always taught that you need to treat others the way you would want to be treated and if you are going to do something, no matter what it was, you need to do it right the first time."