Commercial Vehicle Group Opens New R&D Center and Corporate Headquarters

May 13, 2008
Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc. today announced that it has moved into its newly opened Corporate Headquarters and Research and Development Center located in New Albany, Ohio

Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc. today announced that it has moved into its newly opened Corporate Headquarters and Research and Development Center located in New Albany, Ohio.

The three-story, 89,000-square-foot corporate complex combines four existing locations into one centralized research and development center directly connected to multiple CVG functional areas.

"Our new Research and Development Center is an investment that will enhance CVG's position as a global leader in the commercial vehicle industry,” said Mervin Dunn, President and CEO of Commercial Vehicle Group. “This new facility will enable CVG to develop better products and more innovative solutions for our customers now and well into the future. It directly supports our long-term strategy to improve and expand our product offerings.

"This new facility will also help us gain efficiencies, facilitate information sharing and build a better sense of team within CVG. As a part of our corporate strategy to expand geographically, we have made seven global acquisitions since 2004. This new facility provides needed space to accommodate that growth. It will better support our extended operations, markets and employees worldwide.

"In addition to enhanced R&D capabilities, our new headquarters includes a state-of-the-art Data Center. Our new Data Center includes the latest in climate control, power redundancy, server operating systems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and network management tools. This investment in our IT infrastructure will enhance human performance among CVG's 6,400 associates around the world. Long term, we expect it to help us better serve customers, meet evolving business objectives and remain globally competitive by positioning CVG to quickly integrate advanced information technologies and emerging applications."

CVG's Research and Development Center is focused on providing concept to prototype development of complete cab-system products for the company's diverse manufacturing facilities around the world. To facilitate this goal, the new R&D Center features large working bays that are completely private and secure. These bays allow CVG's engineers to work on all customer projects including Class 8 trucks, marine equipment and bus and military vehicles in an isolated setting with complete confidentiality.

To further understand the interaction of vibration and seat comfort, the R&D facility also contains a full-cab simulator in which it is possible to reproduce real driving conditions in a controlled, repeatable environment while recording data. It also has full in-house rapid prototyping resources including 3D model printers, metal fabrication and soft trim production capabilities.

To better test cab-related products, an acoustics capability room is being constructed that will enable CVG to conduct sound absorption testing, noise plotting and a full range of data collection and simulation. The acoustics room, which is scheduled for completion by mid-2008, will feature leading-edge technologies in sound quality evaluation (human perception of sound), jury testing, noise source identification, data acquisition, and acoustical driving simulation. CVG engineers will be able to take many of these new capabilities to CVG's customers to assist with the development of more driver-friendly and healthier cab interiors, including improved insulation, seats, carpeting and trim.

During 2008, CVG will also complete the installation of multi-axis vibration and climatic test equipment. When completed, these new tools will enable CVG's engineers to conduct extended durability analyses on all products within a wide range of vibration testing that includes full-modal capability. This is especially significant for the development of mirrors, wiring harnesses and seats.

In addition to testing CVG's own products, the Center also provides benchmarking capabilities to help the Company keep abreast of industry trends by inspecting and evaluating new materials.

The Center offers improved communications with CVG customers through the use of the latest design and computer simulation software tied into video conferencing capabilities. A major feature is the ability for CVG's customers to remotely monitor tests at the R&D facility live via the internet.