Coxreels Electrical Product Catalog

Coxreels udpates electrical catalog

Feb. 7, 2020
Newest version highlights Tempe AZ-based company’s many HD hose, cord, cable reel solutions for industry

Coxreels recently released an updated version of its Electrical Product Catalog.

The Tempe AZ-based company has manufactured professional-grade hose, cord and cable reels since 1923. They offer a full product line serving the industry in every channel and application.

Coxreels’ reeling solutions for electrical needs are designed for electrical contractors, workstations and work benches, service and utility trucks, power tools, battery charging, airports, portable light sources, service garages, construction sites, manufacturing plants and more.

“Our versatile and wide reel selection handles various capacities and comes in different sizes to suit any construction requirement,” the company said.

“(And) Coxreels takes great pride in designing, building and supporting the world’s finest reels made right here in the USA.”

Click here to download the Electrical Product catalog, and here for a brochure.

Visit or call 800-269-7335 for more information.

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