ILT liftgate built for simplicity of operation

MBB Interlift's new ILT Twin Fold liftgate is designed for easy operation and to decrease maintenance costs.

The ILT is equipped with torsion springs and an adjustable roller to assist with folding and unfolding the unit. Its steel/aluminum platform measures 63" × 86" and is designed for both 96"- and 102"-wide trucks. The ILT has a lifting capacity of up to 4,000 lbs., and the bed height range is 47" to 55".

This liftgate features a thermo-protected, slide-in power pack that is fully enclosed in the mount tube and easy to inspect. The power pack is protected from the elements, pre-mounted, and shipped with multi-temp hydraulic fluid.

Low overall weight will help increase truck payload and decrease fuel consumption. Besides cart stops, options include a handheld remote and extra heavy-duty trailer dock bumpers. An all-aluminum platform will be available soon.

Visit for more information.

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