Gladiator ramp enters low-profile arena

The Gladiator ramp from Bustin is entering a new and larger arena. Although the Gladiator's durability, reduced weight, and superior slip resistance have made it the choice of many fleets over the past six years, the unit was always too high to fit into the older-style ramp carriers and within truck body envelopes — till now.

Bustin now offers the Gladiator Low Pro, an extruded aluminum ramp that provides all the safety and durability of the original Gladiator, but in a lower-profile design. An open-grating design brings flexible manufacturing capability to truck body builders. This construction flexibility means a ramp can be built in varying widths and lengths. These custom sizes are available along with standard lengths of 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet.

Whether a ramp is needed for a truck body with a liftgate, or if the user needs to replace an old slippery ramp and keep the original carrier, the Gladiator Low Pro fills this niche.

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