Flex Barrel made for hard-to-reach welds

MK Products introduces its newest product, a flexible barrel that bends from 180 to beyond 90 degrees depending on the application. The Flex Barrel offers the ability to weld in previoulsy difficult areas found in aluminum welding, and it can also be used for hard wire applications.

The Flex Barrel is designed to fit with the air-cooled versions of MK Products' most popular guns: the Prince XL, Prince XL Spool Gun, Python, and Python LX. It can also use the same cups and tips as the CobraMAX and Cobra MX MAX cup models, in addition to spring-loaded tips.

Available in 12-, 24-, and 36-inch lengths, this product comes standard with a Flex Barrel tip (3/8" OD × .060" ID × 1.0" long) and #8 gas cup for easier reach in tough-to-weld spaces. It can accommodate 200 amps at a 60% duty cycle.

For more information, visit www.MKPROD.com.
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