EZ STAK accelerates growth with Watertown NY facility

EZ STAK, which manufacturers modular interior storage systems for work trucks, service bodies, vans and trailers, recently opened a facility in Watertown NY.

The 14,660-square-foot space houses the company’s US manufacturing operations, including the assembly of products, powder coating and upfitting turnkey trailers. The company plans to hire up to 30 people for the new location.

“We are very excited to announce the opening of our second location in the United States,” said Mike Lawrenson, EZ STAK’s president and CEO.

“The decision to expand to Watertown NY was a strategic move that enhances our ability to serve our customers, improve our logistics and strengthen our growth as a leading manufacturer of vehicle storage systems.”

EZ STAK's new location in Watertown NY.

EZ STAK, headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, now has two locations in the US, with a sales office in Schaumburg IL.

“EZ STAK opened its first US-based facility in Schaumburg IL,” Lawrenson said. “This was a great starting position as it is a central location.

“However, moving the facility to Watertown is a great advantage for overseeing operations (and) management, and to deliver quality and value to our customers. Even though we moved the facility, the sales office in Schaumburg will remain open.”


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