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Big Tex Trailer purchases Truckfitters from Kaspar

Big Tex Trailer World, a professional grade trailer retailer, recently acquired Truckfitters, a provider of truck upfitting products and service in Texas.

The company said the addition of Truckfitters furthers its mission to provide the most complete and highest-quality hauling solutions in the country.  

“We are excited to bring Truckfitters to the Trailer World family,” said Eric Zimmer, president of Big Tex Trailer World. “We are like-minded in our dedication to customer success and our passion for helping customers achieve the most from their vehicles. Together we’ll offer the best truck and trailer solutions on the market, offering the most complete and timely hauling solutions delivered through a single partner.

“By aligning with Truckfitters, Big Tex Trailer World takes another large step forward in connecting truck customers with professional-grade solutions that help them achieve more.”

Big Texas Trailer World

Big Tex Trailer World and Truckfitters also are known for their selection of components and service. Big Tex said the combined offerings of their companies will provide customers “an unparalleled selection of premier components.” 

The companies will continue to operate this year in the markets where Truckfitters already has a presence, with additional plans to help expand the Truckfitters brand across additional Big Tex Trailer World locations.

“We’re pleased that Big Tex Trailer World is acquiring Truckfitters as their national presence will help bring Truckfitters solutions to even more customers,” said Jason Kaspar, CEO of Kaspar Companies, which owned Truckfitters.

“Truckfitters’ unique capabilities around custom fabrication, fleet service, aftermarket truck beds and bodies, and general truck upfits are an ideal complement to Big Tex Trailer World, which is known for quality and dependability.”

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