Auto Safety House Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Auto Safety House LLC (ASH), which was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, as a brake-repair shop for cars and trucks in 1941, is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

"We, at Auto Safety House, are privileged to be part of a company that has been in business for 70 years, which is a significant milestone in the company's history." said Eugene Humphrey, President & CFO with Auto Safety House. "We all look forward to reflecting on our company's previous 70 years of success as we celebrate this business birthday throughout this entire year. Doing so will re-enforce the cornerstones of our success for the next 70 years."

"The longstanding history of this company is a great example of all the dedication and continuous effort that has been and still is at the heart of our organization and all our team members," said Lisa Causse, Vice President of Operations for Auto Safety House. "Focusing on customer service and on time delivery of all our diverse fleet products and services is at the foundation of all our success. We all look forward to this celebrating this significant accomplishment in many ways throughout this year. All of these activities will include thanking all our current customers for their continued support."

The original business location was on the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and Jefferson in downtown Phoenix.

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