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DTNA’s new CHEC tool makes upfitting easy for TEMs, dealers

Nov. 19, 2019
DTNA's Custom Hardware and Electronics Configurator (CHEC) tool streamlines vocational customization.

Daimler Trucks North America recently developed the Custom Hardware and Electronics Configurator (CHEC) tool to help streamline the vocational customization process.

The CHEC tool enables truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and dealers to easily view, edit, compare and update electrical configurations in Freightliner vocational trucks, reducing upfit time, Daimler said.

The user-friendly CHEC tool’s innovative software program empowers users to quickly customize inputs and outputs and change parameters within their organization. Users can create standard templates for their organization, enabling them to select a pre-existing configuration based on different applications or customers.

The CHEC tool also increases customization possibilities, such as creating custom dash layouts in customer vehicles, Daimler maintained, helping TEMs and dealer partners better serve vocational customers’ needs.

“Our vocational customers have specific and unique needs to meet the different requirements of their applications,” said Richard Saward, general manager of vocational sales for DTNA. “It’s always our priority to evolve our offerings and develop new innovations that will help our customers and their businesses.

“Our CHEC tool combines our extensive customization options with forward-thinking technology to deliver the right truck for the job, as quickly as possible.”

Additional CHEC tool features include:

  • Make changes to entire fleets, or search for any vehicle in the system
  • Configuration comparison of separate vehicles against each other or against the fleet
  • Vehicle-based views to see vehicle details, terminal availability and load capacity information, as well as circuit location information and a history of updates to the vehicle
  • Views of vehicle-specific switch and gauge information and how a dash was built at the factory

The CHEC tool is currently available for Freightliner vocational truck models.

The first step for TEM or dealer partners is to get technicians signed up for CHEC tool training. Go to or visit a Freightliner dealer.