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Work Truck Solutions launches VanBuilder for dealers

Jan. 15, 2019
Work Truck Solutions recently launched VanBuilder, a new tool designed to help dealerships sell vans.

Work Truck Solutions recently launched VanBuilder, a new tool designed to help dealerships sell more increasingly popular work vans through their websites.

Online shoppers can use VanBuilder to find the right van interior package for their business needs, and then match that upfit with compatible vans in a dealership’s inventory.

“VanBuilder reassures buyers that their dealership understands their van upfit needs,” said Kathryn Schifferle, CEO of Work Truck Solutions. “It also offers a more interactive experience for van buyers than the typical online experience.

“With VanBuilder, a dealer can offer specific information on the type of vocational package their customers want. This creates more qualified leads and allows the dealer to provide their customer with an entire solution, including financing the entire bundle.”

Three years ago, sales of Euro-style vans eclipsed sales of body-on-frame vans in North America for the first time, and since then commercial van sales have continued to take shares from trucks. Several new industries are adopting work vans as their vehicle of choice, fueling their growth in America. Vans are more nimble and save on gas, which makes them a good fit for many businesses. For example, the rise of e-commerce has created a demand for last-mile delivery, often called “final mile.”

Not only can a dealer use VanBuilder to leverage their on-lot van inventory, they also can use Work Truck Solutions’ dealer trade network van inventory to give buyers more options. VanBuilder also introduces buyers to new upfit packages. After a buyer uses VanBuilder, they know what van and package they want, helping the dealer better arrange the upfit and deliver a complete solution to the customer.

Dealers have control over which van upfits and companies they want to showcase. Today, VanBuilder supports Masterack, Sortimo, Adrian Steel and KargoMaster, with more partnerships in the works, the company said. VanBuilder also gives dealerships data and insight into the types of vans and upfits buyers in their market are looking for, which helps them stock smarter.

VanBuilder is free for all Work Truck Solutions network dealers.