Hino announced a series of minor changes for 2016. One of those changes: Upfitters now have a little more room for PTO installations on Hino chassis.

Hino adds room for PTOs, expands telematics

Dec. 6, 2015
NTEA Truck Product Conference 2015 coverage

HINO announced a series of changes to its truck lineup, along with a number of ways to make life easier for the truck upfitter. For example:

• Hino trucks now have more PTO clearance, according to Hino’s Spencer Nicol.

“We have made more room,” Nicol said. “We work in partnership with PTO suppliers. Muncie will fit on both sides of the transmission. Also Hino has a PTO interface. Muncie has worked with us and they will soon release a harness that will be able to be brought in and put in the vehicle, so it’s basically a plug-and-play.”

• Hino Trucks dealers and body builders now have direct access to download 3D CAD models (.stp files) of all 2015MY conventional and COE chassis to be used for body design via a dedicated website www.hinocaddesign.com. The site requires registration and approval from Hino Trucks prior to accessing any information.

The manufacturer announced these changes to its truck lineup:

• Air suspension with a dual leveling valve option.

• Four-inch extended bumper with new tow hooks.

• Goodyear tires and Exide batteries have been discontinued.

• Throttle control can be done with: cruise-control features; customization files within the Hino Diagnostic Explorer.

Hino also provided details on its Insight telematics program, including the addition of remote diagnostics and case management. The Hino Insight 2.0 product and service suite provides customers with access to the Telogis comprehensive location intelligence platform, which includes route optimization, real-time work order management, truck-specific navigation, telematics, and mobile integration services.

The Hino Insight 2.0 package will continue to feature its “unique” dashboard, specifically designed for fleet managers to gain a daily snapshot of their fleet’s critical diagnostics status and performance against established targets.

Earlier this year, Hino introduced a new Class 4 155 model. The 155 model has a GVWR of 14,500 lbs and is powered by Hino’s J05E-TP engine rated at 210 hp. ♦

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