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Dec. 6, 2015
NTEA Truck Product Conference 2015 coverage

WESTERN Star’s John Tomlinson said that in working with vocational body builders, electrical concerns are at the forefront.

“Body builders are frustrated with what they’re getting in their trucks,” he said. “They’re not wired the way they want them. We have a lot of options and many are hard to find. The other thing is that our dealers don’t know what to order for you, so you need to help them order the trucks. There are some options so you can say, ‘Hey Mr. Dealer, I want this option on my truck.’

“We’re creating more options all the time. If you guys have a need, let us know and we can price-quote them and come up with new switch combinations.”

He provided a body builder interface overview:

• Electrical: additional 10-amp or 20-amp switches, up to 10 additional labeled interface circuits; body lighting (brake lights, turn signal, speed signal, J1939, remote start/stop, remote throttle, snowplow lamps, interlocks), and auxiliary power distribution (4700).

• Chassis: custom frame drillings (component placement, crossmembers, air tanks, fuel tanks and DEF tank); rugged chassis options (five-piece HD bolted, six-piece HD bolted, snowplow on the 4700, and inverted afterframe).

• Pneumatic: PTO switch(es), auxiliary air tanks, and additional switches.

Here are some of the switch options:

• Simple Dash switch Options SC 329: These switch options provide additional switches in the dash and have no output wires or input wires. All connections must be run by upfitter or customer.

• 4700 Floor Track System: In-floor track system creates a path to route controls easily and securely to the back of cab. Large space that can handle up to six ½” bundles. Easy-access cover provides durable protection and access for additions or repairs.

• Diagnostic/Gateway Remote Interface and SC 160: This new option provides a new 500kb J1939 interface for the body builder to receive engine signals and can be ordered in multiple locations on the truck. This option applies for all models: 4700, 4800, 4900, and 6900.

• Engine remote interface SC 163: This option provides J1939 interface for the body builder to receive engine signals and can be ordered in multiple locations on the truck. Options apply to all models.

• Allison Transmission Interface 34C: This option provides interface wiring for the Allison transmissions. It’s available on all vocational models, including the 4700, 4800, 4900, and 6900.

• 4700 Easy Consistent Body Connections: Available with the Floor Track System, it’s designed for easy and consistent connections. Pass-through is large enough to handle most body plugs and harnesses. Floor plates can be pre-manufactured and connected on the bench before truck installation.

• Wiring-Vehicle Body Builder SC 353: This option provides high-amperage power and tail light signals to a specified location.

Lynelle Detrick outlined Western Star’s new product offerings:

• 4900 car hauler with DD13 in 123” Lowmax. The DD13 has a 470 hp/1650 max rating, 1500-square-inch radiator, understep ATS, right-hand horizontal tailpipe (outlet behind sleeper), 200-gallon fuel tank, and 30-gallon hydraulic, reduced weight specifically on the front axle. It’s available with 40”, 54”, and 68” ultra-low roof sleepers only.

• Temporary mounted DEF tank (4700). With DD13 and ISL engines, it’s available with six-gallon and 13-gallon only. Key chassis components can be placed from factory without the need to relocate once the DEF tank is relocated. Max length of lines provided is 72. There is no need to order new DEF lines and harnesses.

• Neway ADZ rear suspensions (4800, 4900, 6900). Key benefits include lighter weight (250 lbs per axle), improved durability and stability, reduced maintenance, improved articulation and cross articulation, vocational air suspension, 10” ride height. Axle spacings: tandem (54”, 60”, 72“) and tridem (55”, 60”).

• Heated auxiliary mirrors (4700). The new design offers heater and non-heated mirrors, 8” convex mirror, fender mounted, tripod brackets.

• Flush-mounted LED utility light with chrome accent ring (4700, 4800, 4900, 5700, 6900). It has longer life, less power draw, reduced heat from lamp, and brighter illumination. This completes the option for LED utility light availability.

• Auxiliary transmission–Fabco FAT-30 prep (4900, 6900). It’s a “drop-in” solution with brackets included, crossmembers located out of the way, driveline angles set up for auxillary transmission, four-speed auxiliary max 30,000 lb-ft input torque; 600 HP 3000 rpm rating, and eight-bolt PTO pad for increased upfitter versatility.

• RollTek seats (4700, 4800, 4900). They protect occupants during a rollover event by pulling the seat toward the floor, seatbelt pre-tensioning, and side airbag deployment—all within fewer than 0.25 seconds.

• Gauge change (4700, 4800, 4900, 6900). It provides improved backlighting to increase gauge visibility and maintains ease of serviceability. ♦

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