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Terex Utilities displays all-electric bucket truck at NY stock exchange

Dec. 20, 2022
The manufacturing company paired with the New York-based utilities and energy company to display Terex's efforts as it works to add electric options to its other product lines

Consolidated Edison, Inc. (“Con Edison”) displayed Terex Utilities’ all-electric bucket truck in front of the New York Stock Exchange on December 13. The display was part of Terex’s Investor Day activities, during which John L. Garrison, Jr., chairman, president and CEO of Terex Corporation, presented information about how Terex Utilities is positioned for growth.

“Demonstrating its long track-record of innovation, Terex Utilities was the first manufacturer to bring the electric utilities industry an all-electric bucket truck with customers taking delivery this year,” said Joe Caywood, director of marketing, Terex Utilities.

In May, the company introduced a Terex Optima 55 ft. aerial device, powered by the HyPowerTM SmartPTO by Viatec, mounted on an International eMV Series battery electric 33,000 GVW chassis, from Navistar.

Con Edison was one of several utilities that made an early commitment to the all-electric bucket truck.

“In addition to helping us maintain our energy-delivery system, our all-electric bucket truck represents an important step for Con Edison as we transition our fleet of vehicles away from fossil fuels as part of our Clean Energy Commitment to New York,” said Fortunato Gulino, Con Edison’s chief automotive engineer. “Terex has been a great partner and we applaud the contribution they’re making to the nation’s clean energy transition.”

The display in front of the New York Stock Exchange follows an announcement last week from Newsweek naming Terex one of “America’s Most Responsible Companies.” The ranking, presented by Newsweek and Statista Inc., focuses on a holistic view of corporate responsibility through Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance.

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