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Minimizer Holdings renames to become High Bar Brands

Jan. 22, 2021
Parent company for Minimizer, Premier Manufacturing incorporates employee 'mantra', focus with new moniker

The holding company formerly known as Minimizer Holdings LLC has been renamed High Bar Brands LLC.

“We wanted a name that projected integrity, credibility, and aligns with our current iconic branded portfolio as well as our vision for future acquisitions,” High Bar Brands CEO Christopher “CT” Thorpe said.  “Our employees hold themselves to a 'high bar' and this has become our company mantra; it’s also based on our history, reputation, and where we’re going as a company.”

January marks the first anniversary of Minimizer’s acquisition of Oregon-based Premier Manufacturing, Thorpe noted.

“While we have kept the family entrepreneur feel, as we did with Minimizer, a lot has changed in that time in our marketing and branding efforts,” he said. “The combination of our sales and marketing teams was an important step in the process of integrating our two companies into one.

“We launched new websites for both companies in 2020 and completely rebranded Premier Mfg. with new logos and an updated color scheme.  We’re leveraging the strengths of each company to create a strong and unified front for our employees and our customers.”

High Bar Brands has additional announcements planned for 2021.

“We will be debuting a new Premier Mfg. trade show booth in Q1, and we’re looking at a combined ERP system later in the year to help us all communicate and work together on one platform,” Thorpe said.  “Additionally, we’re actively searching for product expansions and further acquisitions that fit our branded criteria, which focuses on innovation, quality, and customer service.”