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Premier Truck Rental brings industrial all-terrain vehicle to US

Jan. 15, 2020
Fat Truck, manufactured in Canada, climbs hills with 35 degree inclines, reaches 25 mph in difficult-to-traverse locations

Premier Truck Rental (PTR) in Fort Wayne IN says it is among the first companies to offer the versatile Fat Truck in the United States.

The industrial off-road utility vehicle, which is capable of climbing inclines up to 35 degrees, was designed and assembled in Canada to move up to eight people or 2,200 pounds of payload across terrain that, in the past, required helicopter transport or was totally inaccessible, including on wet and flooded lands.

PTR, which offers work truck rentals, accessories and upfits, serves multiple industries across the US, including those in the construction, electrical, oil and gas, and wind and solar sectors. 

“Our customers have told us they continue to seek all kinds of transport solutions to help their companies succeed,” said Rob Troxel, PTR president. “PTR already meets those transport needs with an extremely diverse fleet of vehicles and wide assortment of accessories.

“Sometimes our customers need to get people and gear into extremely hard-to-reach locations regardless of weather or road conditions. The new Fat Truck will help them do just that in a way that is efficient and economical, and gets the job done.”

Troxel pointed out that companies involved in maintaining and repairing pipelines can easily reach a site when it is adjacent to a roadway, but when it is surrounded by woods or hilly terrain, few options remain, making the Fat Truck an ideal solution. An optional trailer—also amphibious—is available when additional material is required.

The Fat Truck, manufactured by Zeal Motor in Bromont, Quebec, is designed with safety in mind and is certified to the highest rollover protection structure standards, is compliant with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, and offers 360-degree visibility to the driver, among other safety features.  

In addition to safety, the vehicle has built-in user interfaces designed for ease of use, including an intuitive joystick drive and dash display, automatic transmission, and the ability to drive on the left or right side of the vehicle, depending on customer requirements.

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