Monroe truck perks

Monroe invests in local businesses

May 15, 2020
Wisconsin-based truck equipment manufacturer purchases nearly $100,000 in gift cards for employees to use, enjoy

Small businesses around the world are experiencing financial setbacks in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Monroe Truck Equipment is opening its wallet to help.

The Monroe WI-based manufacturer purchased nearly $100,000 in gift cards from struggling local businesses in the communities surrounding each of its seven locations across the Midwest where team members live and work.

“The Monroe Truck Equipment team has come together in unprecedented ways throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tom Ninneman, CEO of Monroe Truck Equipment, adding that the company’s current stability is due to the strength, resilience and dedication of its employees during an unprecedented time.

The company said the effort was an attempt to find a better way to support local businesses and their employees during a time of economic uncertainty. Monroe focused on businesses hit hardest during the COVID-19 crisis, including retailers and restaurants. The gift cards then were distributed to employees to use and enjoy through buying supplies from the local home store or sharing takeout from a favorite restaurant with family.

Ninneman also said Monroe has seen increased collaboration among team members, and stressed that it is “dedicated to ensuring team members feel healthy, safe and comfortable in their new work environment.”

“Over the last 60-plus years, Monroe Truck Equipment has overcome many challenges and this pandemic is no different,” said Brittni Ackley, Monroe’s human resources director. “Monroe will come out of this stronger than before.”