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Axalta assisting fight against coronavirus pandemic

April 24, 2020
OEM supplier’s Voltatex electrical insulating resins used in life-saving equipment like ventilator motors, N95 facemasks

Axalta, a global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, says it is increasing the supply of its Voltatex electrical insulating resins to ensure medical device customers are well-equipped to produce life-saving equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

This equipment includes ventilator motors and N95 facemasks, which are in high demand by hospitals around the world. 

“Axalta’s Voltatex products are on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19,” said Dave Heflin, Axalta’s vice president of global industrial liquid coatings. “As a supplier to medical device companies globally, we are manufacturing more product so that our customers can continue to ramp up production of critical ventilators and N95 facemasks for hospitals around the world.

“Voltatex products meet the highest quality standards, reduce the weight of electrical motors by more than 15%, and can be used without fear of interruption, even in the most demanding applications. We know that running motors at lower temperatures can increase their lifetime and overall productivity. Our medical device customers are relying on the benefits that our Voltatex products provide as they aggressively increase production of the equipment and supplies that will help save lives around the world.”

Axalta’s Voltatex brand provides a line of electrical insulation products, including wire enamels, impregnating resins and core sheet varnishes designed to work together to improve efficiencies. Impregnating resins are key components of electric motors, generators and transformers. They offer mechanical stability, additional electrical insulation and protection against a wide variety of environmental factors. 

Voltatex coatings are applied to ventilator motors, low-power servo motors for facemask machines and superconductors for MRI machines to help reduce energy demand and lower emissions.

Axalta’s Voltatex 4224 impregnating resin recently won a Gold Edison Award in the Materials Science and Engineering category.

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