Workhorse N-GEN electric delivery van

Workhorse: Electric delivery vans reach 75MPGe in real-world pilot testing

Electric mobility tech company Workhorse Group Inc. on Monday provided an update on milestones achieved during its ongoing real-world pilot testing of its N-GEN all-electric vehicles.

The N-GEN has demonstrated a fuel efficiency, as expressed in miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe), that averages 40MPGe for its 450 cubic foot electric van, and 75MPGe for its 200 cubic foot electric van, representing up to a 500% improvement versus conventional gas delivery vans, according to the company.

Additionally, more than 100,000 packages have been delivered by Workhorse-employed drivers and delivery associates, offering “invaluable” insights to optimize the N-GEN production vehicle design for last-mile delivery workers. These include opportunities to further integrate Workhorse's HorseFly package delivery system into the N-GEN to maximize driver efficiency, minimize last mile per package delivery expense, and provide an exceptional consumer experience.

"As we progress toward the full production launch of our N-GEN vehicle platform, we are encouraged that these real-life pilots, alongside our durability testing, are yielding the operational, driver, and reliability performance that was our design intent," said Workhorse CEO Steve Burns. "With our ability to offer fleets N-GEN all-electric vehicles at price parity with conventional gas vehicles, large and small fleet operators have the potential to significantly reduce annual operational expenses, as well as realize the driver and sustainability benefits of moving to all-electric."

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