PACCAR transmission Peterbilt

Peterbilt combines PACCAR transmission with MX-11 engine

Peterbilt recently made the PACCAR transmission available with the PACCAR MX-11 engine.

The PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission is the lightest heavy-duty automated transmission on the market, designed to work seamlessly with PACCAR engines and axles to increase fuel economy and truck performance. 

The MX-11’s “exceptional” fuel efficiency helps increase profitability and uptime while offering a high power-to-weight ratio. The PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission features a low cost of operation, with 750,000-mile oil-change intervals.

“When combined with the MX-11 engine, the PACCAR automated transmission offers superior drivability, with industry-leading maneuverability at low speeds,” said Wesley Slavin, Peterbilt’s on-highway marketing manager.

“The transmission is the best in class for both drivability and weight, making it the best choice for heavy-duty fleets and vocational trucks like the Model 567 and 520.”


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