Diesel University

Diesel Laptops, Today's Class form strategic partnership

Diesel Laptops and Today’s Class, a provider of ASE-accredited, interactive online learning, recently formed a strategic partnership reflecting their shared commitment to improving the skills of technicians in the automotive, diesel, agricultural and marine industries.

“Today’s Class is the perfect partner for Diesel Laptops,” said Tyler Robertson, owner and CEO of Diesel Laptops. “We serve the same customer base and working together better positions us to improve technician skill levels in areas like electrical systems, transmissions, HVAC and many others.”

Diesel Laptops University is an interactive, online learning platform resulting from the partnership. In conjunction with existing in-class offerings, the virtual Diesel Laptops University enables Diesel Laptops to deliver a full spectrum of learning experiences for the diverse needs of its global customer base.

“Our partnership with Diesel Laptops is an opportunity to bridge the gap for technicians who want or need a virtual learning experience versus an in-person model,” said David Boyes, president of Today’s Class.

“We’re excited to work alongside Diesel Laptops to improve the skills of its customers worldwide.”

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