Truck Product Conference 2019

International updates lineup, highlights Diamond Logic integration

Dec. 9, 2019
NTEA Truck Product Conference 2019 coverage

International unveiled updates to its CV, MV and HV/HX lineups, previewed new standard and optional features coming soon, and highlighted its Diamond Logic electrical system during the 2019 Truck Product Conference.

In the CV line, speed governors are available but must be properly specified at the time of order. The governor cannot be changed with diagnostic hardware and requires a new vehicle calibration from the dealer. Governors are available with seven different default speed limits ranging from 50 mph to 79 mph.

Tires and driveline RPMs limit the maximum allowed speed for the vehicle. Based on these limits, max speeds for each rear axle ratio range from 65 mph for a 4.88 rear axle ratio to 79 mph for a 4.10 rear axle ratio.

Visit http:/ for further commercial vehicle axle ratio information, and associated gross vehicle weight ratings.

CV Series cab configurations include two bucket seats for space to mount body controls and an aftermarket console between the seats. Note that the air bag control module is mounted in this location, so International recommends upfitters fabricate a mounting bracket for body controls that covers the module. The air bag control module should not be relocated.

When the passenger seat is omitted, the passenger side front air bag and side air bags are not installed.

Now available in the CV Series are left side PTO access, for all trucks built after June 2019, an auxiliary switch pack (8XLS) that provides six additional switches in the headliner for body builder integration, no-spin Eaton locking differential, only with feature code 14AWR, side curtain and thorax air bags (standard on 2020 MY vehicles), and a standard exhaust brake.

International said 102-inch body width mirrors are coming soon to the CV Series. The current mirror maximum width is 105 inches, optimized for a 96-inch body. Other features coming soon include dual AC compressors—the second compressor mounts in the air compressor location, so this option is not available with an engine-mounted air compressor—standard stability and trailer sway control in November 2020, and standard manual regen starting in January 2020.

For the MV Series, clean cab-to-axle short wheelbase configurations with right side 50- and 70-gallon fuel tanks now are available. This configuration offers a clean CA with up to 70 gallons of fuel with wheelbases down to 152 inches, and with a low day cab, International said.

The MV Series also boasts an available new suspension. International Truck Specialty Centers are approved for LiquidSpring Smart Suspension installation, so trucks are built at the factory with trailing arms on a block, then shipped to TSC, which installs the suspension components.

The HV Series now features an exterior grab handle (feature code 16SGH), and the HX Series boasts a host of upgrades, including front frame extensions for the HX520 snow plow, on-line HX REPTO shaft, pump mounting bracket and carrier bearing installation, air disc brakes (standard on front axle, optional on rear axles), 500-horsepower A26 engine with 1,750 pound-feet of torque, and an available 92-inch twin steer accommodation package.

International’s Diamond Logic uses multiplex technology to provide control and communication between major functional areas of a vehicle, including the body, the company said. It’s designed to streamline truck chassis and body equipment integration and performance by allowing upfitters to custom program equipment parameters from a set of predetermined tasks. Automating truck functions increases operational performance, enhances safety and reduces potential equipment damage.

Customizations include truck won’t shift with seatbelt unbuckled, truck won’t shift when liftgate not stowed, auto door locks at set speed, RPM adjustment when PTO enabled and cluster alarm for unsafe conditions.

Full integration information, including Diamond Logic code sheets, Diamond partner program visits and commercial vehicle body integration, is available at http:/