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DexKo Global to absorb Australian chassis maker PCI

Feb. 8, 2019
DexKo Global recently signed an agreement to acquire Preston Chassis Industries (PCI) in Australia.

DexKo Global, a global supplier of trailer running gear and chassis assemblies headquartered in Novi MI, recently signed an agreement to acquire Preston Chassis Industries (PCI) through its Australian subsidiary AL-KO International.

PCI has a long history in the Australian caravan industry, supplying high-quality chassis for more than 40 years under the direction of its founders, Fernando Pasquale and Orazio Mammola. PCI manufactures chassis and other products from multiple facilities in Campbellfield, Victoria.

Pasquale and Mammola sought a buyer who would further their legacy and continue growing the business upon their retirement, DexKo said. 

“We are pleased that PCI will become part of DexKo Global,” said Fred Bentley, CEO at DexKo Global. “PCI has built an impressive legacy based on its commitment to provide high quality products to its loyal customers reliably. We look forward to building upon PCI’s success by offering existing and new customers more complete and innovative running gear solutions. This acquisition brings us closer to delivering our DexKo 2020 plan by growing the product offerings available to our customers.”

Pasquale said PCI’s customers will be in “excellent hands” with DexKo Global.

“As a long-time business partner and supplier, AL-KO, as part of DexKo Global, understands and values what is special about the PCI business and has the ambition and expertise to build upon our reputation and drive the business further,” he said.

Harald Hiller, golbal president and CEO of AL-KO Vehicle Technology, emphasized the acquisition’s benefits for mutual and new customers as well.

“PCI has established a remarkable reputation in the caravan industry over the last several decades,” Hiller said. “Adding PCI to our Australian business allows AL-KO to offer our collective customers a broad portfolio of products and systems to meet their quality and service requirements.”