It’s hard to miss a Freightliner 114SD muni dump plow painted in road-crew orange.

Freightliner adds options for upfitters

Dec. 7, 2018
Part of NTEA 2018 Truck Product Conference coverage

Freightliner introduced 12 new options it expected to make available in late 2018 or the first half of 2019, with several intended to improve convenience, efficiency and consistency for upfitters.

The company plans to start production of its Airliner lightweight 40K extra duty rear suspension and logic/switch controlled high current interface in the first quarter of next year. Both will be available on the M2 106, M2 112, 108 SD and 114 SD models, and the suspension also will be an option for the 122 SD.

The lightweight extra duty 40K Airliner rear suspension utilizes a proprietary bi-directional spring and features new shocks, air springs and clamp group. Freightliner says the new suspension provides 191 pounds in weight savings, compared to the current 40K extra duty suspension, and an improved ride, longer bushing life, shorter end of frame and improved corrosion protection.

The logic/switch controlled high current interface (BOC 90 and 150 amp, EOF 200 amp) for lift gates or pumps includes low-voltage protection, and Freightliner says it boasts a low cost to upfit, high current power for body equipment and parameter controls.

Other options Freightliner is planning to bring to market include Allison FuelSense 2.0, washable HVAC pre-filters, RP 1226 accessory connectors, a console prep kit for RAM universal mounting, Reyco 33.5K suspension, step lighting pre-wire, engine compartment lighting, new standard M2 106 injection molded black mold-in color front and air intake grilles, severe duty harness wrap, and the Cummins X12 medium-bore engine, which weighs only 2,050 lbs, for the 114 SD model.

The new industry-standard accessory connectors are designed to allow for integration of aftermarket devices, such as electronic logging devices, tire pressure monitoring systems and cameras, while maintaining the integrity of the vehicle electrical system, with 12-volt circuits fused at 10 amps max for both connectors.

The mount prep creates mounting provisions for RAM ball mounts in the center overhead instrument panel, allowing customers to place telematics and camera system monitors overhead or on the dash.

The new pre-wiring connects to each step with a dash switch or door-opening activation, providing illumination on areas under the driver and crew riding area exits.

The connectors, mounting prep and pre-wiring, all options for the M2 106, M2 112, 108 SD and 114 SD models, were expected to enter production in the fourth quarter of 2018.