Taking the measure of an Isuzu NPR.

Isuzu rolling out new equipment for 2019-20

Dec. 7, 2018
Part of NTEA 2018 Truck Product Conference coverage

Isuzu’s Tim Ellsworth, a product planning manager, covered product updates, lineup changes and upfitter considerations during his presentation.

An update to the company’s N-Series diesel truck includes changes to the automatic transmission for the 2020 model year that are designed to improve fuel economy, drivability and quality.

New seal and friction materials that reduce rotation and drag resistance, and an increased lockup range, improve fuel economy by up to 2%, Isuzu said, a skip down shift enables lower gear command when acceleration is required, and the company also improved its gear position misdiagnosis.

The 2020 N-Diesel also boasts new tires from Bridgestone, Yokohama and Dunlop designed to reduce rolling resistance by up to 10%.

N-Series vehicle options for port installed OE accessories include air deflectors, oil pan heaters, PTO enable/idle dash switches, an idle shutdown, vertical exhaust and CAN interface convertors. 

Isuzu’s FTR also is receiving updates for the 2020 MY, including a compressor change intended to improve air output volume by approximately 33% and new air dryer-purge valve silencer.

Both updates are expected to debut in January 2019.

Further down the road, in April 2019, Isuzu is planning to introduce a lighter rear Dana axle, a factory option for a 50-gallon aluminum fuel tank, and low-profile Yokohama tires that reduce frame height.

Ellsworth also spotlighted Isuzu’s best practices for upfitters. Highlights include:

 Don’t cover the VIN label, which contains important information about the vehicle.

 Design and installation of bodies and/or special equipment should allow for appropriate chassis component clearances

 Access to items that require routine service should not be obstructed

 Auxiliary heaters may not draw heat from engine coolant and must include a self-contained heat source

 No-modification zones include DEF tank, DEF lines, coolant lines and exhaust after treatment

 Isuzu frames are not designed for J-hook mounting, which may cause frame deformation and will void frame warranty

 Frame modification is allowed, but incorrect procedures may lead to frame failure, so follow the Isuzu’s Body Builder Guide

 When wiring, harness splicing is not recommended

 A Packard Weather Pack connector with pins for marker lamps, hot wire, rear dome and ground is located at the end of the frame

For tips on correct weight distribution and vertical center of gravity, and other information for body builders and upfitters, visit isuzutruckservice.com.

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