Peterbilt exhibits its Model 220, a medium-duty cabover.

Peterbilt upgrades axles, engines, driver tech

Dec. 7, 2018
Part of NTEA 2018 Truck Product Conference coverage

Peterbilt introduced updates for its medium-duty and vocational products, and its online resources for body builders. 

The company’s medium-duty lineup includes the 325, 330, 220, 337 and 348 models.

Dana’s Spicer S172 single-drive axle is replacing the S170, Peterbilt said. The new axle provides 60 pounds of weight savings and 10 pints of lube savings in four medium-duty models, with weight ratings of 21K, 23K and 25K.

The Spicer D172 drive axle replaces the D170 axle in Model 348, also providing 60 lbs in weight and 10 pts in lube savings, with weight ratings of 40K and 46K.

Peterbilt also recently made its new collision mitigation systems available on three models.

Bendix Wingman Advanced, with adaptive cruise control and braking, and WABCO OnGuardACTIVE are available for Models 348 and 337, and OnGuardACTIVE is available for the 220, which also received an updated Spicer E1002IL 10K steer axle Peterbilt says features 14 pounds in weight savings, air disc and drum brake compatibility, increased durability and reduced maintenance.

For the company’s vocational line, which includes Models 567 and 520, Peterbilt is introducing a PACCAR front axle with 20K and 22K ratings, standard or wide track, disc or drum brakes, and five-year or 750,000-mile warranty.

The 567 also features near-zero emissions options for liquified natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) engines Peterbilt says offer the lowest NOx emissions in North America, 90-percent lower than EPA standards. The L9N Cummins engine has 320 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet or torque, and Cummins’ ISX12N boasts up to 400 hp and 1,450 lb-ft or torque.

The 567’s makeover includes smaller, impact-resistant fender flares, updates for emergency vehicle applications, expanded stability controls for roll-off apps, and biased load mixer springs that counteract the rotational energy of cement mixers.

New online resources include updates to the dimensions, body mounting and frame customization in the medium-duty and 220 body builder manuals. New frame optimization codes are 9408982 (vehicle layout) and 9408933 (final frame layout).

Visit for body builder manuals and other resources.