The Dennis Eagle ProView cab at WasteExpo 2018

Dennis Eagle’s ProView cab premieres

April 27, 2018
LAS VEGAS. There’s a new refuse truck builder in town. New to North America, anyway: Dennis Eagle Inc.

LAS VEGAS. There’s a new refuse truck builder in town. New to North America, anyway. Dennis Eagle Inc. – a subsidiary of leading U.K. garbage and recycling collection vehicle manufacturer Dennis Eagle – launched the new ProView high-performance cab, designed to meet the needs of customers in the U.S. and Canada, at this year’s WasteExpo.

“While the Elite chassis with ProView cab has been engineered specifically for customers in the U.S. and Canada, it is based on an established design that has a proven track record as one of the safest and most reliable cabs in the U.K. and Europe,” said Robert Mecchi, president of Dennis Eagle Inc. “First introduced in the 1990s, the Elite cab has undergone many upgrades and developments since then. With unrivalled visibility, access and focus on safety, as well as comfort, and a proven U.S. drivetrain, it is what the market has been asking for.”

The first models went on trial with customers earlier this year and have been “extremely well received,” Mecchi added, and more are at various body builders awaiting delivery. Dennis Eagle will start production in early 2019.

Offering the best and safest in-cab visibility in class, the Dennis Eagle ProView is built to withstand the toughest conditions and features an ergonomic design specifically engineered to provide maximum comfort for drivers and crews, the company said.

Narrowed ‘A’ and ‘B’ pillars aid peripheral vision to give an unobscured view and prevent traffic disappearing from sight, while longer, panoramic windows provide enhanced over-the-shoulder visibility at junctions. The cab is also positioned closer to the road, giving drivers a better sense of the vehicle’s proportions and more visibility of cyclists and pedestrians.

At around 17” from street to step, the ProView will be one of the lowest entry cabs on the market, with a flat, unobstructed walk-through design helping to reduce leg and back strain for operators, according to Dennis Eagle. Fewer dash-mounted switches and a telescopic, tilting steering wheel with unrivalled steering radius make for simple operation, while noise levels below 70db(A) will further enhance operator and crew comfort.

Initially available in a 6x4 configuration, the ProView is available with dual control and left-hand steer options in diesel, and we will also be offering CNG variants, with both 3000 or optional 4000 series Allison gearbox.