NTEA members get a close-up look at the Western Star lineup following the truck manufacturer’s presentation at the Truck Product Conference, including a high ground clearance snowplow package for the 4700 model.

NTEA Truck Product Conference : Western Star's new 4700 out in 1Q

Nov. 1, 2012
WESTERN Star's 4700 set-back, all-wheel-drive tractor will be available in the first quarter of 2013 and will be shown at The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis

WESTERN Star's 4700 set-back, all-wheel-drive tractor will be available in the first quarter of 2013 and will be shown at The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis in March.

It's available only with the Cummins ISL engine and Allison 3000 RBS transmission, with a front-axle capacity of 16,000 pounds and a rear-axle capacity of 40,000.

“The reason we are so constraining on the combination is we didn't want this truck to get really tall and big,” said product manager Dan Silbernagel. “With ISL lift and oil pan depth, we didn't have to raise the front end to put the axle underneath. So we didn't have to raise the front end and create complex sub-frames. It's for construction, utility, and crane operation. Going after the crane and utility industries, we wanted to make sure we kept everything low.”

Also, for those exporting, Western Star's right-hand drive 4700 twin-steer will be launched in Australia at the beginning of next year. Western Star is building pre-series units in Portland now.

Silbernagel said version 2.1 of the bodybuilder book will be coming out soon, and Western Star also has added a PTO compatability matrix for every model, every axle position, and every transmission.

“We found where we were running into a lot of issues where bodybuilder things were ordered and then they were finding out when the truck arrives that the particular PTO they selected doesn't fit,” he said. “We're trying to limit this by showing everything that will fit in our product. We have seven to eight pages dedicated to this in the new data book.

“We always want suggestions on how to improve the bodybuilder book. There are a lot of updates because we receive comments and suggestions.”

New option offerings and their key benefits:

4700 high ground-clearance plow package.

• It allows Western Star to meet bid specs where high ground clearance is required.

• Raised rectangular fuel tanks increase ground clearance by 7.87 inches in place of cylindrical tanks and create more space for belly plow-mounting structure.

• DD 13 ATS ground clearance is increased by 7.28”.

• ISL ATS ground clearance is increased by 5.67”. 

He said raised ATS is not available on a 4700SB with a DD 13 engine and rectangular fuel tanks are only available with this package.

“A set-forward vehicle is going to have the DEF tank forward of the fuel tank and set-back is going to be aft of the fuel tank,” he said. “That's specifically due to entry and egress requirements for FMCSA and the area you need to get in and out of the vehicle.”

Chalmers rear suspensions on 4700.

• Increased stability and traction for off-road applications.

• Durability of Chalmers rubber spring in place of leaf springs or air bags.

• Lower maintenance costs on suspensions and other components.

• Single-axle suspensions are 1000-23, 1000-30, and 1000-40 and tandem suspensions are 800-40, 800-46, and 800-50.

Hendrickson composite lift axles SC10, SC13, and SC20.

• Offer cost and weight savings over the previous DTNA models.

• Feature compliant tie rod (CTR), first passive–steer Ackerman, and eliminate coil-over damper.

• Integrated axle on all capacities, including the SC20 for large weight savings.

• Utilizes a standard DTNA five-piece crossmember in place of a pusher-specific five-piece crossmember that was previously used on lift axle products.

Watson & Chalin lift axles.

• SL-0893 offers 39-pound weight savings over previous models and can be packaged into a tighter space.

• SL-2200 lift axle can achieve SPIF compliance in trucks up to 37,650 kg GVW.

• Optimized geometry of SL-2200 lift axle suspension with the specific rear drive suspensions load equalization between pusher and drive axles is achieved without any proportioning valves.

22,000-pound steerable pusher.

• All components are required to meet Ontario SPIF regulations for 22k pusher axles are factory-installed.

• Includes suspension equalization without the addition of a proportioning system.

• Electronic controller used in the system combined with the standard drive and pusher suspension airing will provide automated control (full SPIF compliance).

4900 roof/back wall modifications.

• Western Star has the flexibility to modify our cabs to meet customer requirements. 

• Factory roof and back wall modifications improve ease of upfit for bodybuilders.

4900 all-wheel drive.

• 100% off-road certified engine.

• Butterfly hood allows easy access for service without tilting the hood.

6900 all-wheel drive 6×6.

• Available for both domestic and export.

• Butterfly hood allows easy access for service without tilting the hood. 

• Slippered springs improve ride quality for off-road conditions and improved service intervals.

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