Freightliner attracted a crowd a this year’s Truck Product Conference.

Freightliner adds 18k front-drive axle on M2106

Nov. 2, 2014
NTEA Truck Product Conference 2014 report

FREIGHTLINER has added a larger rated front-drive axle at 18,000 pounds that provides increased M2106 axle ratings for the utility segment, according to product planning analyst John Camelon.

“We’ve talked about it in the past,” he said. “It’s focused on the utility market primarily. It will go into production the beginning of February.”

Camelon also provided a number of the company’s other latest options:

  • Neway AD suspension. The Neway AD a premium severe-duty tridem air suspension system at 78,000 lbs for the 122SD. It was in response to numerous requests, and is available now.
  • Hendrickson Primaax suspension. This premium severe-duty tridem air suspension system is rated at 69,000 pounds, providing stability and ride for the 122SD.
  • Watson & Chalin SL-1195. This is a self-steering axle and lift suspension system, quick change ride height, for use with single tires for the 108SD, 114SD, and 122SD. It has a 13,200-lb suspension capacity, with weigh reduction over SL1100.
  • Watson & Chalin SL-2065. The SL-2065 is a self-steering axle and lift suspension system that features quick-change ride height. It is designed for use with single tires and is available on the 108SD and 114SD. It has a 20,000-lb suspension capacity and weighs less than the SL-1800.
  • 122SD severe-service options provide factory-installed vocational options for extreme use. Launch Group 1 will include heavy-duty crossmembers, three-point mounting for fuel tanks over 100 gallons cab sill and toe board improvements, skid plate, 12-inch frame rails, recessed fog lights with rock guards, front bumper-mounted mudflaps, front suspension threaded spring bushings.

Mike Good, product strategy manager, TEMs, provided more options:

  • CU3S instrument cluster. Freightliner has improved the instrument cluster display for the M2106, M2112, 108SD, and 114SD models coming in March.
  • Overhead switch trim panels. These are overhead switch trim rings will accommodate customer-installed switch panels, providing the bracketry and trim panel but no switch panels for the M2106, M2112, 108SD, and 114SD. There is no need to dispose of unused factory panels. This will help upfitters to provide an OEM-quality trim finish.
  • Remote start/stop for manual transmissions. This option provides remote start input controls for vehicles equipped with manual transmissions. Available models include the M2106, M2112, 198SD, and 114SD.

Freightliner’s presenters spent the rest of their presentation asking NTEA members for input—what’s working, what’s not working, and what they want to see Freightliner offer. The central question that Freightliner asked the audience: “How can we help you upfit our trucks?”

One member said there is less and less space for PTOs, and asked what can be done to provide more space.

“One of the things we have done is new routing and clipping brackets to hold hoses closer to rails, so that you don’t have to add brackets,” Good said. “Also, there’s different bracketry to make more room.” ♦

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