Class 8 Retail Sales at Nine-Month High: ACT

July 22, 2013

Class 8 retail sales, when seasonally adjusted, were at a nine-month high of 22,000 units and year-to-date through June have occurred at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 249,000 units, according to the State of the Industry report, recently released by ACT Research Co. (ACT) .

Class 8 net orders fell below 20,000 units for the first time since last September at 18,830 units. Classes 5-7 net orders also retreated, totaling just under 15,500 units.

“Inventories were down 12,000 units from last June, and the inventory-retail sales ratio dropped to its lowest level, excluding the last two Decembers, since November 2011 at 47 days of supply at June’s sales pace,” said Kenny Vieth, ACT’s President and Sr. Analyst.

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