Gmc Hummer Ev Earthcruiser Teaser

GMC, EarthCruiser team to shape 'future of overlanding'

April 1, 2023
The collaboration focuses on the design and development process for a next-generation overland upfit solution for electric vehicles

GMC and EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles are teaming up to to provide zero-tailpipe-emission solutions to the overlanding arena.

Working with EarthCruiser’s research and design division, ECI (EarthCruiser Innovations), GMC is collaborating in the design and development process for a next-generation overland upfit solution for electric vehicles that will be integrated onto the HUMMER EV Pickup, introduced in 2020, followed quickly by the HUMMER EV SUV in 2021. Most recently, GMC revealed the Sierra EV Denali, making it the first and only brand with three all-electric truck offerings, the company noted.

“GMC has long been a leader in professional-grade trucks with 100-plus years of uncompromising pickup capability, luxury and driver control,” said Josh Tavel, GM executive chief engineer, Battery Electric Trucks. “We had an instant connection with EarthCruiser — a leader in the overland community — and their similar vision to accelerate the zero-tailpipe-emissions future. EarthCruiser products have proven their performance in environments around the world and we’re excited to join them on this next chapter of adventure and exploration.”

This collaboration will look to leverage EarthCruiser’s engineering expertise in the overland and off-road vehicle development space, proven through its successful lineup of EC Terranova, EarthCruiser EXP and FX overland vehicles, as well as their CORE line.

“EarthCruiser designs its vehicles to thrive in the most extreme, toughest environments imaginable,” said EarthCruiser CEO/Founder Lance Gillies. “As we consider the future of overlanding, we are continuing to look toward key technologies like electrification that will help us explore for decades to come. Electrification presents exciting opportunities for overland use, such as precise torque control over terrain and ease-of-use, in addition to zero-tailpipe emissions. We’re thrilled to be working with GM’s team of top-tier EV engineers and look to develop an overland vehicle that’s truly made for, and will define, the future of this industry.”

The GMC HUMMER EV overlander concept will be unveiled in late summer 2023.