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Bend Pak 10 Ap

BendPak reinvents two-post car lift for electric vehicles

Nov. 30, 2022
To allow fleets to better prepare for the increased presence of electric vehicles, BendPak's latest two-post lifts were designed for the greater weight and versatility of EVs

BendPak’s newest car lift, the AP SeriesTM, is the next generation of two-post lifts with patent-pending features designed to make lifting internal combustion and electric cars, trucks and vans safer, easier and more efficient, the company stated.

“Lifting electric vehicles presents unique challenges because EVs tend to be heavier and have harder-to-reach lift points than traditional vehicles,” said Jeff Kritzer, BendPak president and CEO. “We’ve reengineered our two-post lifts to meet these challenges. In addition to strategically increasing the high-strength steel in critical load-holding components, we also developed an all-new safety lock system, lift arms and swing arm restraints. As a result, the BendPak AP Series is unlike any other two-post lift on the market, purposefully designed for extreme use, high loads and maximum operator safety and efficiency.”

The AP Series features a swing arm design that offers both greater under-vehicle clearance and better extension and retraction to enable technicians to reach the OEM-recommended lift points on more vehicles than ever. Additionally, the lift’s triple-telescoping nested swing arm design lets the inner arms retract fully through the back of the front arm assembly and around the arm pin of the rear arms to maximize retraction and extension.

BendPak also eliminated the traditional externally sloped arm gusseting and strengthened the telescoping arms themselves to provide the lowest possible arm profile, as well as added dropped-end pad receivers that accommodate a range of stackable adapters and two-stage spin-up screw pads. All these features allow users to reach both in-close and far-out lifting points while also minimizing damage to vehicle ground effects.

For added stability and safety, BendPak debuted their Automatic Swing Arm Restraint System (ASARS) on the AP Series. ASARS prevents dangerous, unplanned movement of the lift arms when the lift is being raised and lowered by offering twice as much holding grip as traditional systems, with 360 degrees of forged steel teeth securing the arms in place to withstand more than 2,000 Ib. of side force.

Finally, BedPak also created an automatic safety lock system for the AP series. This patented system ensures the safety locks/load-holding devices engage automatically while the lift is going up and makes releasing the locks for descent as easy as pushing a button. Unique to the AP Series is that all structural load-holding components are housed within the lift column, allowing for more clear space between lifts when they’re installed side-by-side.

This space allowance is mirrored in the customizability of the AP series, as it offers wide or narrow installation as well as symmetric and asymmetric lifting from each lift. Additionally, Each AP Series lift comes with a standard adapter package for precise engagement with a wide range of vehicles.

The series debuts with three 10,000-lb. capacity models. The standard 10AP offers 73" of lifting height and an overhead beam height of just 145 in. for shops with lower ceiling clearances. The 10AP-168 has the same 73 in. of lifting height plus a crossbar that’s positioned two ft. higher to accommodate high-roof cargo vans. The 10APX is a high-rise model offering 79.5" of lifting height with a 157" top beam. The 10APX-181 maintains 79.5" of lifting height and increases the top beam height to 181".

The 10AP, 10AP-168, 10APX and 10APX-181 have each been third-party tested and ALI Certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.

“Two-post models are the most popular car lifts in the world,” says Kritzer. “But just because something has been around a long time doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. We put more than 50 years of experience into reimagining the two-post lift to make it more efficient, safer, and easier to use.”

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