Xos Stepvan

Xos delivers battery-electric stepvans to FedEx

April 9, 2022
A delivery of 15 fully-electric stepvans was made to five different FedEx Ground Operators in Southern California

Xos, Inc., a manufacturer of Class 5 through Class 8 battery-electric vehicles and powertrains, and provider of charging infrastructure and fleet management software, announced the delivery of 15 of its battery-electric stepvans to five different FedEx Ground Operators in Southern California during the month of March. FedEx Ground Operators work as FedEx Corporation independent service providers (ISPs). The ISPs ordered these 15 stepvans in 2021 for 2022 delivery. The orders were previously reported by Xos.

“We are pleased to continue delivering vehicles to FedEx Ground Operators and supporting them in meeting their sustainability goals and reducing total cost of ownership,” said Jose Castañeda, Vice President of Business Development for Xos. “This is the first of our 2022 deliveries to FedEx Ground Operators and we are excited to continue rolling out our products to this leading, nationwide fleet.”

The FedEx Ground ISPs that received the vehicles are Pharo Deliveries, Inc. in Bakersfield, Eric Young Corporation in Ventura, Bonanno Investment Enterprises, Inc. in North Hollywood, Expedited Delivery Services, Inc. in Oceanside, and Espinoza Inc. in Santa Maria.

"Electrifying the vehicle is a huge financial savings that we're excited about. We spend tens of thousands in fuel in each station that we're in," said Stuart Hughes owner of Pharo Deliveries, a self-described "practical environmentalist" who finds "the best way to do things with the stuff we have available now."