Allison Releases New Transmission Fuel-Efficiency Package

Allison Transmission introduced its new FuelSense fuel-efficiency package that it says will provide up to 20% fuel savings.

Allison Transmission introduced its new FuelSense fuel-efficiency package that it says will provide up to 20% fuel savings. Michael Headly, senior vice president, global marketing, sales & service, said it’s composed of “hardware and software that make our automatic transmissions smarter by vehicle duty cycle and application.”

The various elements of the FuelSense package work together to “automatically adapt shift schedules and torque, maximizing transmission efficiency based on load, grade and duty cycle,” he continued.

“Fuel prices have nearly doubled since the mid-2000s, and fleet owners need solutions,” Headly remarked. “They want straightforward fuel economy, without compromising overall fleet performance and productivity. With FuelSense, Allison delivers the best of both worlds.”

According to Lou Gilbert, Allison’s director of North American Marketing & Global Brand development, FuelSense has been shown through both testing and simulations to cut fuel consumption by up to 20% “compared to our baseline products.”

He added that FuelSense “delivers efficiency by adapting to driving conditions using features that have a proven impact on fuel economy.” 

Per Allison, the elements of the FuelSense package include:

  • 5th Generation smart controls, acceleration management and a precision inclinometer
  • EcoCal shift technology to keep engine speed at the most efficient level
  • Dynamic Shift Sensing to automatically sense when low-engine speed shifts can be made
  • Neutral at Stop feature to save fuel and reduce emissions when the vehicle is stationary

FuelSense features have already been integrated into Allison’s TC10 transmission for tractors.

And at the news conference, a Freightliner executive advised that the OEM will be the first to offer FuelSense in the medium-duty market.

The fuel-efficiency package will become available in late 2014 on M2 chassis equipped with Allison 2000 and 3000 series transmissions, stated Mary Aufdemberg, Freightliner’s director of product marketing.

“We are proud to be the first to offer this innovative solution to customers,” said Aufdemberg. “Our customers demand a lot from our trucks, so we set our standards high.

“We value our relationship with Allison and have a common commitment to maximizing the performance of work trucks and the profits of the businesses that depend on them,” she added.


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