Workshop covers supply chain management

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) workshop “Lean Supply Chain Management — How to Slash Waste and Maximize Flexibility” will be held Sept 16-17, 2003, at the Holiday Inn-Denver International Airport in Denver CO.

This interactive workshop extends benefits of lean manufacturing outward from the factory floor to encompass the entire strategic supply chain, enabling firms to trim waste from every step. The five principles of lean thinking and the methods of “kaizen” are applied to each stage of supply chain management, including establishing linkage and flow within the supplier network, eliminating transaction costs, using visual communication, applying standard work methods, and reducing procurement lead time and inventory queues.

Workshop instructors are Douglas Carlberg and John Puckett. Carlberg is managing director of M2 Global Solutions, a consulting company focused on lean manufacturing and global supply chain improvements. Puckett is founder and president of Visions of Excellence, a training and consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of lean manufacturing and supply chain initiatives for small and medium-size manufacturing firms.

Fees for the workshop are $595 for members; non-members pay $720 (the $125 non-member surcharge includes a one-year AME membership). For more details, phone 303-371-9494.

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