Workhorse relaunching FasTrack program with new body and chassis

This month, Workhorse Custom Chassis is relaunching its groundbreaking FasTrack program that provides integrated walk-in trucks under the Workhorse badge. Since 2000, Workhorse has sold standard models of walk-in trucks with one Workhorse invoice and one Workhorse warranty for both body and chassis. The Workhorse FasTrack truck is the only truck that does this in the walk-in industry.

By eliminating separate chassis-and-body orders and warranties, while providing a simple list of popular options, the FasTrack program creates a walk-in truck that's easy for dealers to stock, and easy for customers to buy - often right off the lot like a cargo van or box truck.

"Quick and easy truck selection and delivery is especially helpful for the small fleet owner unfamiliar with the different specs these trucks can have," said Jay Sandler, Workhorse vice president - commercial product. "They just want a truck that works for them, and they want it now. This program gives them that."

The new FasTrack truck for 2007 is a completely different truck, now with standard bodies by Utilimaster, and the new W42 chassis from Workhorse. It's more maneuverable, with a 50-degree wheel cut, and gives the driver better control with high-performance Brembo brakes and a four-wheel Meritor WABCO ABS system. It also offers a better ride with its new front-and-rear parabolic taper leaf suspension springs with custom tuned 35mm shock absorbers.

"The turning radius and braking are the most noticeable benefits to the driver," of the new W42 chassis, said Bob Kruse, senior transportation and facilities manager for online grocer Peapod. "Their handling, minimized maintenance costs, improved fuel economy and driver comfort make them most valuable to us."

The FasTrack models come in five cargo body lengths of 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 feet, with wheelbases of 125, 133, 157, and 178 inches and gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) of 10,000 and 14,500 lbs. Either a 4.8L or 6.0L GM Vortec(tm) gas engine powers the trucks.

"We think many types of businesses can take better advantage of the tremendous utility of the walk-in truck if it is simply easier to get. Now that it's better to drive - that's another plus," said Sandler. "The models we offer are based on our long experience with the industry."

With aluminum bodies that don't rust, walk-ins hold their appearance and value more than twice as long as other medium duty trucks. The ergonomically friendly and efficient stand-up access to the cargo area, and the easy entrance and exit from the side steps and low rear platform, pay long-term dividends to anyone transporting product, materials, tools or equipment. The roomy, stand-up cargo hold also serves as an excellent mobile shop.

"And you can put a really nice sign on the side of it," said Sandler. "People are going to notice your business. It's a distinctive truck."

Because of such advantages, a long list of businesses find that walk-in trucks are their most useful and economical vehicles. Starting with the obvious advantages for parcel delivery companies, bakery, laundry/linen and vending firms, the utility of the walk-in extends to a host of construction and service contractors. The list also includes such diverse uses as newspaper delivery, online grocery delivery, school and building maintenance, catering, municipal and utility work, pool services, pet grooming, cleaning services, bookmobiles, florists, rental firms, locksmiths, TV news stations, mobile food service, and disaster relief - just to name a few.

Manufacturing of the new FasTrack models will begin in July. "We have a great understanding with Utilimaster that will expedite the building process. But it's all managed by us. It's our truck. It's our warranty. We have service centers across the continent ready to take care of it. We'll keep popular models on lot, ready to ship," said Sandler.

"We've been in conversation with some of our best dealers, and this new truck really has them excited," concluded Sandler. "We're looking forward to getting it in front of new customers."

For additional information call 877-294-6773 or visit

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