Workhorse to produce R Series at nearby plant

Workhorse Custom Chassis is planning to renovate a manufacturing plant in Hagerstown IN to be the production facility for its new R Series diesel chassis. Hagerstown is about 35 miles southwest of Workhorse's present Union City facility in east central Indiana.

“With the assistance of local government entities, we will be renovating the former Dana manufacturing plant into a world-class operation, akin to what Workhorse has achieved in Union City,” said Workhorse President Tom Frey.

“The new positions at the Hagerstown facility will be in addition to our present staff,” said Frey. “In Hagerstown, we will be able to customize our production line for the special requirements of the R Series, ensuring we will meet optimum standards of quality and productivity, while avoiding any interruptions in the supply of our gasoline P and W Series products.”

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