Western Trailer aims for lightest combos

Western Trailer has redesigned both of its Elite Combo trailers for lighter weight. Shown at the International Trucking Show in Las Vegas, the 45-ft, 96"-wide platform has a base weight of 7,792 lb, and the 48-ft, 102"-wide dropdeck has a base weight of 8,743 lb.

Actual weight of the 2004 platform is 8,320 lb because the show trailer included two Pro-Tech tool boxes that add 302 lb and 22 slot winches adding 226 lb. The redesigned trailer is 450 lb lighter than its predecessor.

Weight of the dropdeck shown is 9,240 lb because it includes 302 lb of tool boxes and 195 lb for the winches. This represents a 500-lb reduction below the former model.

“Now we're the lightest on the market,” says Dan Taylor, sales manager. Western Trailers, 6700 Business Way, Boise ID 83716.

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