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Western Star Offers Detroit Diesel’s Series 60 Tier III Engine

Western Star Trucks Sales, Inc. announced the availability of a Detroit Diesel Series 60 Tier III engine package for off-road vocational applications. Western Star is the only OEM in North America to offer this engine for the Class 8 chassis.

With ratings of 500 hp and 1550 lb-ft of torque, or 425 hp and 1475 lb-ft of torque, the Series 60 Tier III is capable of handling the toughest jobs. Only available for vocational trucks that remain off-road in applications such as mining, oil and gas support, steel and paper mills, quarries and landfills, the Series 60 Tier III runs more efficiently since it features a single-stage turbo and no EGR.

“We are excited to offer our vocational customers a Tier III engine that is a convenient and reliable choice for applications that are strictly off-highway,” said Michael Jackson, general manager for Western Star. “This unique engine package not only cuts operating costs, but increases efficiencies, as well as productivity.”

The maintenance and operational costs of the diesel particulate filter and related selective catalytic reduction equipment associated with an EPA 2010 emission package is eliminated. The vehicle’s butterfly hood configuration makes accessing the engine for service simple. In addition, the engine’s design eliminates the need for any kind of regeneration, further enhancing efficiencies.

The truck comes equipped with a 1450 or 1570 square inch radiator, and can be spec’ed with an Allison transmission and an output retarder. These components are not only capable of cooling the engine, but can easily negotiate steep grades with maximum control – critical for many vocational operations.

“In today’s economy, companies are looking for any way they can efficiently cut costs, and the Series 60 Tier III is just another step in providing our customers reliable solutions that meet the tough demands of their job,” said Jackson. “Detroit Diesel has a long history of manufacturing reliable engines and we are happy to be working together on this initiative.”

The Series 60 Tier III engine is now available to order.

For more information, and to find a local dealer, visit www.WesternStar.comor call 866-850-STAR (7827).

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