Weight-saving technologies for mixer trucks

McNeilus Truck and Mfg Inc has a series of advancements that reduce weight and improve productivity of its Standard and Bridgemaster mixer trucks. The systems include:

  • The McNeilus lightweight composite water tank has many benefits, including a 240-lb weight advantage over a comparable steel water tank. This non-pressurized unit means it's safer to operate, yet generates 75 psi at the nozzle head for faster clean-up. The unit also features a simplified design with all fittings integrated into the tank itself.

  • A field-proven Rexroth hydraulics system is 120 pounds lighter than other systems yet offers smoother operation, improved reliability, and added safety. Drum speed can be set to maintain a constant rpm when traveling to the job site, while preventing unnecessary wear to the drum during transit. The system also features manual override controls. If there is a loss of power, the pump is automatically returned to neutral, and the system can be manually operated.

  • The new composite, non-metallic hydraulic tank weighs 60 pounds less than a comparable steel tank, and it's mounted in the mixer's front pedestal for easier servicing. All fittings are integrated into the tank itself to reduce the number of parts for more trouble-free operation.

  • A new Bridgemaster load distribution tag axle by Hendrickson saves 65 pounds per axle to boost payload while meeting weight restriction laws. The Bridgemaster system also improves steering and enhances vehicle control.

Access www.mcneilusconcrete.com for more information.

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