Wage Survey Shows What Metal Formers Make

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International (FMA), has issued its 2001 Metal Forming & Fabricating Industry Wage & Benefits Survey, a biennial report on compensation for shop floor employees. This report provides data on job titles in all technology sectors of metal forming and fabricating, as well as benefits offered to shop floor workers. Companies can compare their pay rates and compensation policies to those of other employers in their industry and in industries with which they may compete for workers.

FMA surveyed its member companies and members of its technology affiliate, the Tube & Pipe Association International (TPA). Also surveyed were subscribers to FMA publications. Companies surveyed are involved in coil processing, tube and pipe producing and fabricating, stamping, welding, roll forming, plate and structural, and other metal-forming processes. Responses from 317 companies nationwide reported benefits and hourly rates for 17,736 employees in 75 shop floor job titles.

This survey is available to nonmembers for $400. To purchase, phone 815-399-8775 or access www.fmametalfab.org.

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