WABCO, to partner with Yuchai

WABCO Holdings Inc announced that WABCO and Yuchai Machinery Company Ltd have completed an agreement for product development and the long-term supply of twin-cylinder compressors for diesel engines to be mounted on heavy-duty trucks.

Yuchai is China's largest manufacturer of diesel engines for commercial vehicles for the past eight years and one of China's leading exporters serving more than 50 nations.

WABCO's twin-cylinder compressor technology features the company's worldwide modular (WWM) design, which improves cost-effectiveness and speeds time to market for engine manufacturers and original equipment makers. Through several engineering breakthroughs, these compressors will weigh less and further enhance performance while increasing fuel efficiency and improving environmental friendliness. To be mounted on Yuchai's YC6K series engines, WABCO compressors will be produced at WABCO's manufacturing facility in China. Trial production will begin in 2010 and series production in early 2011.

Based on more than 30 patents, Yuchai's YC6K series engines combine cooling technology with high-strength materials, enabling the engines to meet Euro VI emission requirements while prolonging the engine's lifetime.

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