Wabash National dry van inventories set a record

Wabash National Corp's dry van inventories for February 2007 were the highest on record. Dry van inventories were 10,293 in February (versus 8,802 in January), up 70% quarter to date. This was the highest dry van backlog as far back as the data goes (January 1990), and is 3.7 times the 17-year average of 2,790 units. Factory sales of dry vans were down 21% year-to-year in February (versus a 15% drop year-to-year in January).

Total trailer orders were 21,521 for February, down 28% year-to-year (versus a 30% decline year-to-year in January). Dry van orders were 12,127 in February, off 34% year-to-year (versus a 37% drop year-to-year in January). Flatbed orders were 2,198 in February, down 36% year-to-year (versus a 34% decline year-to-year in January).

Dry van builds totaled 10,165 in February, off 11% year-to-year (versus an 11% drop year-to-year in January).

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