Volvo Global Trucks' Deliveries Decline

Deliveries from Volvo Global Trucks — which comprises Mack Trucks Inc, Renault VI, and Volvo Trucks — from January to October 2001 totaled 127,661 units compared with 151,104 in the same period of 2000, a 1.6% decrease.

From January to October 2001, deliveries from Mack amounted to 19,872, or 34% fewer than during the same period in 2000. Heavy-duty trucks totaled 19,123, and medium-duty 749 (vs 1,041 in 2000).

Renault VI deliveries for January — October 2001 totaled 52,370 units, a stable level compared with the same period of 2000.

For January-October 2001, Volvo Trucks delivered 55,419 vehicles, 19% fewer than the corresponding period in 2000.

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